Kiddie Kampus Preschool: Emily's First Day!

Emily started her brand new Preschool today, Kiddie Kampus!!!

David and I both went with her to do drop-off today, which was really neat for us to experience together. We played on the outdoor equipment from 8:30-9:00am, which Emily went gaga for!  Then, The Director of Kiddie Kampus, Mrs. Michelle, called in all the "friends" at 9:00am to begin class.  All the kids ran to the rug in the very back of the room to grab a carpet-square and listen to Mrs. Michelle discuss the day's plan and to sing the welcome song.  Talk about cute!  Mrs. Michelle also did an introduction as we, as well as a few other families, were brand new to Kiddie Kampus.  Emily was so excited she got a bit tongue-tied and forgot how old she was, ha!  ;)

Around 11 minutes in, circle time was over and it was free time for all the Kampers to roam the room and play, read, touch the classroom animals (walking sticks and silk worms!), and do a number of art projects.  David and I quietly slipped out of the back of the room with the rest of the parents with huge smiles of accomplishment on our faces.  Emily never looked nor asked for us and appeared to be really enjoying herself with the other kids.  When I picked her up at Noon, she was happy to see me but sad to leave her friends, it was clear she had a wonderful first day!  She had used the bathroom all on her own and was a kind Kamper, per Mrs. Michelle.  Yea!

Tomorrow is my first WorkDay (I call it my special day when talking to Emily) and my role is Outside Helper.


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