My First Workday!

Today, Emily's second day at Kiddie Kampus, was my special day and boy, was Emily excited!

I was assigned to work every Tuesday (each parent works one day per week) and this week, I was assigned the Outside Helper role.  I was in-charge of setting out and then, cleaning up all the outside equipment, and watching all the children before and after school.  It was really fun and Mrs. Michelle and her staff has done an amazing job of writting down detailed notecards, explaining what we are to do throughout the three hours. 

Much to my surprise, Emily acted up a wee bit during school today.  I've always heard kids tend to act up when their parents are around but today, I got to see it!  She was grouchy when the swings were occupied and she had to wait in line; she shoved her plate away at snack time and told me she wanted me to fix her a snack; and she was a bit overly whiny.  Apparently, she didn't act this way at all on Monday when I was not there!  Interesting...

Even though Emily was a bit out-of-character, it was such a gratifying experience to be there at school with her, to see her interacting with other adults and brand new friends... like being a fly on the wall.  This was the #1 reason we chose a Co-Op in the first place and I have to say what a fantastic decision that was! 

I do have to admit, I was a hot, sweaty mess when it was time to go home; working at a Preschool is serious hard labor!  ;)


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