Our first week at Kiddie Kampus

Looking back over our first week at Kiddie Kampus, it was a wonderful experience!

Emily really enjoys going to school every morning but she's a Bear so, we have to make sure we wake her up about an hour before we need to leave so she has enough time to wake up and get pumped up for the day!  Along those same lines, David & I are struggling a bit with getting enough sleep so we can get up with our alarm at 7:00am every day.  Ugh... it takes 14 days of a new routine for your body to get use to it, right?!?!?

While we are doing really well with potty training here at home, Emily had two pee accidents at school this week, both happened while she was getting on the toilet.  She just didn't get there in time.  Oh well, I'm sure a few more days and she'll get use to taking time out from the fun to do her business!   :)

The strangest thing by far is that Emily has been telling me how tired she is when I pick her up so, I've let her nap twice this week.  Like I knew it would, it totally threw off her bedtime/sleep clock and she was awake until nearly 11:00pm both nights, just talking & playing in her crib.  *sigh*  I'm trying to just go with the flow and hope for the best!

What a great first week and we look forward to the next!


  1. Glad to see you back to the blog, and that the new school is going well!


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