Thursday Thirteen

Does anyone else's toddler/Preschooler absolutely need about a thousand random things to go to sleep at night?

Does bedtime include negotiations: "Alright, you can have the book, the race car and the sock 'puppet' but not the Crayons and that's it, now go to bed!"?

Are you just aghast upon turning out the light and shutting their door, wondering if it's possible to escape their room or hurt themselves with all that random crap, and contemplating whether you should go back in and remove a few things?

Yeah, me, too!

Thirteen totally random things I found in Emily's bed this morning:

1. Rubber snake
2. Tiny race car
3. "Wall-E" Golden book
4. Sippy cup of water
5. A sock... that she was wearing on her hand
6. Rubber band
7. "Whale" and "Orka" her favorite bath toys
8. A pair of binoculars
9. The card Gran and Aunt Jenny sent last week with some new underwear
10. The play phone from her kitchen
11. Her unicorn purse
12. 6 pacifiers
13. Her pillowcase, not on her pillow


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