Thursday Thirteen

What pushes your buttons, sends you over the edge, just makes you want to pull your hair out in frustration?

My thirteen biggest pet-peeves:

1. TRAFFIC!!!  Seriously, being a SAHM for 4 1/2 years, which has allowed me to run errands during Business Hours, has completely spoiled me.  I don't leave home on weekends unless it's absolutely necessary or we are going out to do fun things as a family.  I'm a car horn abuser and the loud-mouth that screams at bad drivers even when her windows are rolled up.  I assure you, those idiots do not have to hear me to know I am pissed as my facial expressions and arm movements give an all too clear message.

2. Running out of tea bags.  I have a meltdown when I forget to pick some up at the store or just plain ignore the fact that I just made a fresh pitcher of iced-tea with my last 3 tea bags.  This Southern gal must have her iced tea!

3. Dirty sheets.  David washes our sheets twice a week and some times that's not enough for me.

4. Chipping my toenail polish the day after I've gotten a pedicure.  argh!!!  I have to head straight back to the Salon and pay the $2 to fix the paint because I just can't stand to look down and see it all messed up.

5. "It appears you have been disconnected from the Internet"  Gah!!!

6. Being stood-up by what seemed like an interested buyer of my things on Craig's List.  I go Postal when someone makes plans to come buy something from me and leaves me waiting on them all afternoon/evening because they don't show up AND don't have the decency to call to let me know something changed.  I boycotted Craig's List for like, a year!

7. Having to go back to the grocery store or Target (where it seems to happen most often) because the Chashier or Bagger didn't put an item, or even an entire bag of groceries, into my cart. 

8. A rotten avocado.  Some times the squeeze-test just doesn't work and there's no way to know what's inside until you get it home and cut it open.  And you can't exactly buy like 10 of them because they are $1.50 each!

9. Having some asshole park so close to me in a parking lot that I am forced to open the rear hatch of my SUV and crawl over two rows of seats to get into my car.  I admit it, I have gotten so pissed off that I swung my door open so hard that it dented their car.  I might be going to hell...

10. Drama that some times plays out on Facebook between family members and/or friends.  I can't hit the "delete" button and then, the "hide" button fast enough!

11. The rare time that our Trash/Compost/Recycling company slams my cans down too hard and they flop over into the street, spilling the remaining contents for the entire neighborhood to snicker at, and leaving me to clean it up.

12. Dog poop on my sidewalk.  There's some monster with four legs that obviously has a preference for my sidewalk and I'm contemplating blasting it's ass with the water hose the next time he mosies by.

13. The sound of my own voice after a particularly trying day with my Preschooler.


  1. How about having to tell your husband the same thing 20 times because some men seem to tune their wives out as soon as they start talking? ;)

    And bad grammar. I can't stand bad grammar.

    You have some good ones!

  2. Love it!!! And I am the same with several...

  3. Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting on the meal plan! I checked out your "how to" link and I LOVE it!

    BTW I know the feeling of the sound of your own voice after a trying day with a toddler/preschooler. I hate that dry/crackly feeling in my throat after a day when my kid just will not stop having temper tantrums.

  4. This was, hands down, my favorite post! Probably because you said pissed and ass! That's how my mind works and for that I'm sorry!

    I should make a list of all the things that grind my gears. What? Oh! My entire blog is one giant swear-word-rant? Okay :)

  5. This was great! The parking one grinds my gears as well: Leave a flippin' can opener next time asshole!

    Thank you for sharing!!


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