Tip 1: The answer is always Parchment paper


The answer is always Parchment paper!

I prefer the 365 organics brand of natural parchment paper sold at Whole Foods; however, you can use any brand, including generic, to make your life easier.  Nothing sticks to it, which eliminates your need to use non-stick bake ware (I don't recommend non-stick bake ware but that's another post!) and Pam cooking spray and, probably the best part, it means little-to-no clean-up!  I also love to use it cut into small squares in my muffin tins when baking muffins, cornbread, and cupcakes as it's much cheaper than those foil liners.

Stop buying foil and using Pam to ensure everything you cook and bake comes out perfectly every time... switch to parchment paper!

The only thing is that it's not smart to use parchment paper under the broiler in your oven as it will burn!


  1. side note: there *is* a difference in "parchment paper" and "wax paper." Believe me.

  2. Oh my love, yes... there is indeed a difference! ;) Wax paper does NOT go in the oven. ha! xoxoxo


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