8.5.10 - CSA delivery

Watermelon, grapes, tomatoes, cauliflower, carrots, red bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, raspberries, romaine heart, nectarines, pears, green beans, basil, plums

Every Thursday is like Christmas morning, I love waking up to my Capay Organic Farms delivery and this week was no exception.  I got so many delicious things and all that we normally eat and love!

So, how am I going to use all this in the coming week?
  • Watermelon, grapes, nectarines, pears, and plums I'll pack in David's lunch and for Emily and my breakfast, lunch, and snack throughout the week
  • Emily's obsessed with fruit smoothies so, I'm going to use the raspberries for smoothies this week as they were a tad bit tart to eat alone for her taste
  • I'll be eating most of the basil and slicer tomatoes in Caprese-style salads/sandwiches this week
  • The romaine heart will be used in a grilled chicken Ceasar salad (I'll put cherry tomatoes on mine)
  • I'll make my turkey meatballs with the carrots and leftover onion from last week for meatball subs one night and freeze the rest to pull out for a quick spaghetti & meatball dinner for Emily later in the week
  • I'll make Proscuitto-wrapped chicken with roasted green beans & cherry tomatoes with the leftover Proscuitto from this week's Bolognese and to use up the green beans and remaining cherry tomatoes
  • I plan to steam and mash up the cauliflower along with red new potatoes for a twist on mashed potatoes to go along side chicken-fried steak
  • I'm planning to make a brand new recipe: cornbread & beef skillet pie to use up most of the red bell peppers and remaining onion
Since Emily is on-break from Preschool until next week, this week's meal planning post will be on Saturday so, stay tuned!

We actually did use every last piece of fruit and all the vegetables from last week's delivery, by the way.  Not one thing went to waste or went bad, I accomplished my goals!

Are you in The Bay Area and interested in using Capay Organic Farm's Farm Fresh To You CSA?  
Use promo code: 6164 to get $5 off your first delivery!


  1. I think it is wonderful nothing went to waste last week! I wish we had something like your CSA delivery here!! The only ones I have found are expensive and not very flexible. I would be in 7th heaven with delivery service like that. I am excited to have some items from my garden to use, but would love something local and organic like that...and I think staying out of the store would help a lot. What a score on your meat prices as well. Look forward to following as you try new foods and use your items each week.


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