CSA: 8.12.10

Roma tomatoes, Italian Basil, purple seedless grapes, yellow string beans, cantelope, green leaf lettuce, bell peppers, pluots, pears, cherry tomatoes, peaches, onions, zucchini, cauliflower, lemons, carrots
I'm so happy I got cauliflower again this week, my husband absolutely loved the garlicky cauliflower mash I made last week so, I'm going to try something else adventurous this week! 

So, how am I going to use all this in the coming week?

  • Grapes, cantelope, pluots, and peaches I'll pack in David's lunch and for Emily and my breakfast, lunch, and snack throughout the week
  • I'll be eating most of the basil and roma tomatoes in Caprese-style salads/sandwiches this week but will be making Brushetta (grilling the tomatoes!) alongside a steak tonight!
  • To use up most of the onion, bell pepper and carrots, I'm making Crockpot Shredded Beef (recipe to come!) over baked potatoes
  • I'll serve a salad this week to use up the green leaf lettuce and further help us cut back on so many carb-rich side dishes.  I'll have cherry tomatoes on my salad and I'll use the rest of the cherry tomatoes over my steak fajitas
  • I'm going to roast the yellow string beans along with 1/2 the cherry tomatoes and serve those with my baked "fried" chicken
  • I think I'll roast the zucchini to serve alongside something I just don't know what yet.  :)
  • I'm planning to make a brand new recipe: Lemony-sage grilled chicken to use the lemons and serving mashed potatoes alongside, at my husband's request, to further help use up the 10lb bag of potatoes I bought last week

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  1. The baked zucchini coin recipe on www.weelicious.com is great if you want something new to do with your zucchini. My boys love them with tzatziki.


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