Kiddie Kampus Summer Camp: Session 3 "Pirates"

Today was Emily's first day back at Kiddie Kampus after a three week break and it went perfectly, better than I had expected!

We all got up at 7:00am with our alarms, had breakfast together as a family and got out the door at 8:45am without incident, mostly due in part to me packing all the lunches and bags last night.  Emily was excited to see her friends and swing (her favorite thing at Kiddie Kampus seems to be the swings) and really showed nothing but enthusiasm as we pulled up, parked, and walked up to the door.  Her friends began calling her name, she began screaming back to them, calling them by name, it was a huge love fest and the smile on my face couldn't be bigger!

Just to ensure she was comfortable, I walked in with her when Mrs. Michelle welcomed the class at 9:00am, sat with her during circle time and reminded her where the bathrooms where, pointing out the really cute, pink potty seat she loved last session.  Much to my surprise, she immediately pulled her pants down and got on the potty to pee, like it was no big thing and then, washed her hands and ran off to be with her friends.  I got my answer of whether she was comfortable enough to use the bathroom at school much earlier than I expected so, I confidently left Kiddie Kampus to go about my day. 

What a relief to pick her up and see that no only was she dry and in the same clothes that I dropped her off in but that she had peed one more time all on her own!  She's been accident-free for weeks here at home and used the bathroom at The Harbor Bay Club, the next-door neighbor's house, The Oakland Museum of California, and Pixar; however, I was with her so, I honestly wasn't sure if she was really ready and willing to pee/poop alone.  Obviously, she is!  It seems her confidence where potty matters are concerned are through the roof and I'm hopeful this means a brand new Emily at Kiddie Kampus!

This session my "special day" is on Wednesdays (my work day) and Emily is really excited for Wednesday to get here.  I can honestly say: me, too!  My baby is growing up so fast...


  1. I am so glad to read how well it went! It must be so amazing to drop her off and feel confident that she will use the potty, have fun, and be happy when you pick her up. I can't believe how much she has grown up in the last few months.

    Have a good time Wednesday, that sounds like fun.


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