Meal Planning: 8/14 thru 8/20

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Yep, I totally blew the grocery budget this week so David and I could grill some gorgeous, filet mignon steaks.  Oh well!  :)  As you can see below from my purchases, I didn't need much other than our weekly staples.  Having the CSA has been so wonderful thus far and I still have yet to waste/throw away anything from my weekly deliveries.  David enjoyed the cauliflower so much from last week, I decided to experiment further with a roasted cauliflower recipe (if it's wonderful, I'll add it to my blog!). 

You can see how I plan to use up what was in our CSA box this week by checking Thursdays' post HERE.

Current Inventory:
1 portions ground bisket
1 portions Filet Mignon steaks
6 portions ground turkey
4 portions ground beef
13 portions boneless, skinless chicken breasts
10 portions split chicken breasts 
1 portion sweet Italian turkey sausage
1 portions ground pork/beef mix

Spent: Safeway $67.02
[Budget: $24]
Filet mignon steaks (on sale $11.99/lb - I added to my inventory above)
3lbs 97% lean ground beef (on sale $1.99/lb - I divided into four portions and added to my inventory above)
1.5lbs deli turkey meat
0.5lbs deli ham meat
1lb Fresh mozzerella cheese
Fresh sage
Apple cider vinegar
Apple juice
Pop tarts
Bread (Buy 1, Get 1 Free)
French baguette
Tortilla chips
6pk Jiffy cornbread mix (on sale $1.99)
(6) yogurt cups

Weekly Meal Plan
Chicken Parmesan
Steaks with twice-baked potatoes
Shredded crockpot beef & mushrooms with balsamic roasted cauliflower
Baked "fried chicken" with roasted string beans & cherry tomatoes
Steak fajitas with chips & queso
Turkey chili with cornbread


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