Meal Planning: 8/21 thru 8/27

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Again, the CSA is reducing the amount I'm having to spend each week on additional produce, which is fabulous; however, I'm a bit disappointed in this past week's delivery as numerous things were a bit wilted and the nectarines were molded.  Farm Fresh To You credited me the price of half my box, which was very generous of them!  Anyhow, I had to purchase a few additional things at Costco and Safeway this week to fill in the gaps this week.

You can see how I plan to use up what was in our CSA box this week by checking Thursdays' post HERE.

Current Inventory:
1 portions ground bisket
6 portions ground turkey
4 portions ground beef
12 portions boneless, skinless chicken breasts
10 portions split chicken breasts 
1 portion sweet Italian turkey sausage
1 portions ground pork/beef mix

Spent: Safeway $17.66
[Budget: $24]
(6) yogurt cups
Fresh sage
(3) lemons
Organic strawberries
Sour cream

Spent: Costco $28.90
Deli turkey
Deli ham
(3) 24ct. eggs
String cheese
2gal milk
Apple juice

Weekly Meal Plan
Home-made Hawaiian pizza
Brisket hamburgers
Lemon-sage grilled chicken
Chili with cornbread
Turkey goulash
Orange chicken over rice


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