Thursday Thirteen

It seems the decision to send your child to Preschool is an extremely personal one that also has to be made depending on each child so, while I'm not at all advocating one way or another, in all honesty: it was the best decision we've ever made!  Emily's personality is really shinning and she has learned so much, I'm baffled at how quickly she's grown up in the past 6 weeks! 

This week's Thursday Thirteen is all about what Emily has learned and how she's blossomed because of the 6 weeks she's spent at Kiddie Kampus:

1. She waits patiently at the pole for the swings at every park we go to, never complaining even when she doesn't gets a turn, as children are not required to share or take turns rather just take as much time as they need before leaving an activity at KK.  She's got an unending supply of patience!
2. After every meal, Emily immediately brings me her cup and plate/bowl and thanks me!  They sing a thank you song to the Snack Parent every day at KK, must scrap their plate into the Compost bin, and place their plate and cup in the wash bin.
3. When I'm having a bout of road-rage, Emily puts her hand up in the shape of an "L" and says to me; "Okay, mama, we need to use our inside-voice and kind words"  hahaha!  Seriously... she's right!
4. Her manners were great before but she's quite the prim & proper little Princess now, saying things like; "Mama, please pass my juice".  They are required to use manners at snack time at KK.
5. Emily sticks up for herself when another child takes a toy out of her hands but does in with her words, saying; "Hey, wait, I was not done with that but you can have a turn when I'm done".
6. She sings the tiddy-up song from KK here at home and actually does clean up her room at the end of the day when I tell her it's time to get ready for bed.  No more asking (I mean, yelling!) 100 times.
7. Emily is very interested in Composting and Recycling here at home and even requested we use worms, like KK does.  (Yeah, right... sorry Emily, that's not happening!)
8. Energy conservation is very important to her: she's constantly going behind us, turning off lights and reminding us to "stop wasting electricity!"
9. Emily hasn't been in time-out in so long, I can't honestly remember the last time.  They use redirection at KK rather than discipline and it's working for me here at home as well!
10. Emily no longer runs around and makes a huge mess at mealtimes.  She stays in her seat the entire time!  Snack time is over at KK if they get out of their seat.
11. She knows over 50 words in Spanish and Sign-language as Mrs. Michelle teaches throughout the day in both languages.
12. Her attention span has tripled (at least!) since started school, especially with those Magna-tiles; she will sit for hours building and rebuilding all by herself.  I've noticed she's spending more time playing alone with all of her toys lately.
13. Emily is in a great routine of getting up, helping get her own clothes on, washing her hands after meals and using the bathroom, brushing her teeth, cleaning up her room, eating, bathing, and going to bed.  She's also improved 10-fold at following directions, saying "good-bye", letting me leave her places, and obeying.  She's a whole new, wonderful, little girl!


  1. WOW, this is amazing. I am so worried about getting Jackson into preschool. He has a speech delay that we are dealing with right now and so it makes me even more concerned. I just don't want him to feel left out or become more self conscious when he's around other kids. But I keep being told that being around other kids his age without the delay would greatly help him. Just hard decision to make. But so glad you shared this, it makes me have hope it could be a great thing.

  2. This is my first time reading your blog, so I don't know how old your daughter is, but mine is 19 months and we are currently looking at preschools. We're thinking about putting her in a program 2 days a week. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be considering this so early, but she is ready for it. Her reaction to the schools we have toured so far has confirmed that for me. One school director said to me, "Your instincts are spot on! She's very unusual for her age, and clearly ready."

    In short, I'm happy to see how great your experience has been! Thanks for sharing!

  3. holy moly! i wish there was a KK where i live! that sounds absolutely fantastic!!


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