Tuesday Toddler Tales

This one is for Gran...

Yesterday, I heard Emily go into the bathroom to use the potty and, because I told her to get undressed for bath time, I followed her in to make sure she didn't need help (getting dressed & undressed is still a wee bit challenging for her to do 100% on her own).  She approached the toilet and looked at it.  Then, she looked at me and back at the toilet.  She flung her arms, hunched her shoulders and let out the biggest sigh before saying in dismay:

"Ugh!  I can't go potty because I don't have the right tools!!!"

bwuahahahahahaha!!!  :)

She's talking about her potty seat and her stool, which I had moved into the bath tub to clean earlier that morning.

Gran always tells us that we can do anything with the right tools and apparently, Emily picked up on this.


  1. Oh my goodness, that is classic & precious!


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