Tuesday Toddler Tales

I was greeted this morning by Emily, standing at my bedside calling out; "rise & shine". 

Yep, she crawled out of her crib and came up into our room, the first time ever!


She's nearly 4 years old, I knew the crib wouldn't last forever and we are actually OK with transitioning her to a "big girl bed" as we don't want her hurting herself climbing in/out herself, I guess neither of us had it on our radar.  And now we do.

Her crib is convertible to a full-size bed and we have the bedrails and hardware.  I think we are going to research some mattresses and let her help us pick out her first "big girl bedding".  We're thinking of not using the box spring so she's not so high off the ground, maybe just laying down plywood or cedar slats to support the mattress instead.  We'll store the box spring until she's ready.  Who knows, maybe she's ready now!  We'll have to set it all up and see how she does!  It's going to be so fun!

I'd LOVE some help with the mattress though. 
What kind should I get? 
Any brands/styles you loved? 
Anything to know before we get started?


  1. When my sons started crawling out of their cribs, the first thing we did was put the crib mattress on the floor. We also ended up putting a child proof door knob thing on the inside of the bedroom door because they would NOT go to bed. For my second son, he learned to open the child proof door in 2 days. I started taking a book into his room and reading for a while sitting on the floor of his room. Every time he talked I would shush him. When he tried to get up I told him to lay back down. It takes a while, but they eventually learn they have to stay there.


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