Tuesday Toddler Tales

We finally got some real summer weather the past two days and boy did we get real summer heat!  It was over 90 degrees here yesterday and today and, while that doesn't seem so hot, especially to my family & friends in Texas who've been suffering through 105+, no one here has air conditioning!

My house thermostat read 82 and 86 degrees.

My butt sweat when I sat longer than 5 minutes.

Emily slept in nothing but her underwear (as did I) and we had fans going on high in every room.

The only upside to this heat is spending the day with friends, swimming!  Emily and I haven't been so happy to be outside in this heat!  Thank you, Kellie and Paige-Allen for the most wonderful day.  We love spending time with you guys and appreciate your constant generosity!


  1. Yikes! I hope it's done with here, but I won't count on it yet. So ready for fall!


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