Big Girl Bed

Just weeks before her 4th birthday, Emily gets a "big girl bed" and a full room make-over!

The morning we converted her crib into a toddler bed (Saturday 8.28.10)... she was so excited she climbed in it as soon as we were done and stayed in it, playing for 2 hours!

On Monday, I got this wild hair and decided to move her furniture around so I could clean the floors & rug, and purge her room of the things she no longer needs. 

When you walk in her room, her dresser is on the wall and houses her PJs, under-clothes, socks, hair accessories, and all her extra sheets & mattress pads.  I took the changing pad off of it and Emily decided she wanted to put her Fisher Price Little People Castle on top.  I think it looks perfect!  :)  Sorry for the blur, she was playing with her flower nightlight on the wall.

I knew I wanted the bed in front of the window.  Our house is nearly 100 years old and the glass is really thin.  I worry constantly that she'll fall through one!

To the left of the bed, between her dresser and her bed, was this small area I found perfect for her stuffed animals.

I have a corner shelf going in here, to the right of her bed, that will house the books that are currently in those purple bins.  Then, we'll have room to put her Anywhere chair for a reading corner.

And on the wall across from the dresser is her giant armoire that houses all her books, toys, games, and puzzles.  I took the time to clean that out, too!

You can't see it, but her double-wide closet is to the right of the armoire, across the room from her bed.  Most of her larger items, like her Fisher Price Little People, her dress-up, kitchen, piano, and art supplies cabinet are inside of it, along with her hamper and all her clothes.

To say she loves her new room is an understatement and, so far, we've had no problems with her resisting bedtime nor getting out of bed once we turn out the lights.  She gets up in the morning, uses the bathroom, gets some toys/books and gets right back in bed.  Most likely because she's almost 4 years old and is at an age where she really understands and respects boundaries.  It's been wonderful having so much room to play and hang out in her room as well, we both really like spending time in there with her.  Oh!  And being able to snuggle with her while reading bedtime stories ROCKS!  :)  For anyone wondering, we only just now converted her crib because she never tried to climb out in the past so, we had no pressing issues.  We felt she was ready and she really did need to be able to safely get in/out in order to use the bathroom.


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