Happy Birthday, Emily... Looks who's four!!!

Our only "baby" is four years old today and neither of us can believe it!

Being celebrated at Preschool

I swear, while the first year seemed to creep by, the next three literally flew by and it's only through our memories and photographic proof that we're convinced they existed at all.  Time is so precious, it really is gone before you blink, and both David & I feel so blessed to have spent it as a family, with her.

So what is Emily like?
Emily has this wonderful zest for life, is excited to greet every day, and is a joy to be around!  She's clever and witty, always telling jokes and laughing at them the loudest; perceptive and empathetic to others' feelings, usually the first to offer a hug; warm, outgoing, and approachable - a real social butterfly; eager to help with a competitive spirit when a timer is involved; enthusiastic; genuine; emotionally sensitive, often talking through tears when her feelings are hurt; and quite the little performer when her favorite songs come on or she wants to recap something for you.

Emily is very active, high-energy, and is happiest when playing with other kids so, we are enrolled in Preschool four mornings each week at our beloved Co-Op: Kiddie Kampus.  She has adjusted really well and truly looks forward to going to school every morning.  Besides Preschool, we are really looking forward to swim lessons at The Harbor Bay Club, soccer at The Bladium, and possibly an afternoon Karate class.  Totally does sound like a lot for a four year old but she's bored at home, we're rarely just sitting around, and it's most important to us that she's happy.

She absolutely devours music and knows the words after hearing a song only a handful of times.  "Stuck like Glue" by Sugerland, "Don't Stop" by Keisha, "California Girls" by Katy Perry, and "Club Can't Handle Me" by Flo Rida are among her favorites at the moment.  Yes, we totally rock out, dancing in the car and here at home, on a daily basis!    

She loves puzzles, magna-tiles, board games, lacing beads, playing with home-made play dough and shaving cream, painting and drawing in her sketch book, pretending to be a Doctor, riding her trike, playing Hide-n-Seek, and playing Toy Story 3 on the XBOX360.  She really loves to read (the same books over and over again!) and often asks what signs/billboards/books say when they aren't familiar to her.  She loves watching her favorite Pixar films and re-inacting scenes.  She is a friend to all insects, birds, snakes, amphibians, spiders, dogs, fish, cats, snails, horses, pigs, chickens, and even earthworms; she would take in every stray if we would allow it!  We spend a lot of our free time at the beach, the pet store, our local aquariums and farms, and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

Still a bit of a picky eater, not entirely enthusiastic to try new things, Emily sticks to mac 'n cheese, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, pizza, and spaghetti & meatballs.  I make all of these things home-made to at least be able to control the salt and fat and to eliminate preservatives.  She's also a fan of cereal, garnola, PB&J and ham & cheese sandwiches, celery, bean & cheese quesadillas, meatloaf & mashed potatoes, carrots, and steamed broccoli.  She's never met a fruit she didn't absolutely love and it seems fresh pineapple and cherries are her current favorites.  
She's 42 inches tall and a petite 33lbs.  The only thing she continues to grow out of are shoes.  :)  Emily wears a size 8-9 shoe, mostly 3T tops/dresses, and 2T-3T pants/capris/shorts.  She is our little skinny-minny for sure!  Her hair is one of her most distinguishing features right now as it's past her butt.  She loves it long and won't consider a haircut so, we're continuing to allow her to keep it as long as she wants it. 

Independence and Accomplishments?
Completely potty-trained day and night and can use the bathroom completely unassisted
She can get completely dressed and un-dressed on her own, unless a dress zips-up/buttons-up in the back
Cleans her plate/cup/utensils after meals
Brushes her teeth (rinsing & spitting, too)
Put away clothes in her dirty hamper
Put away shoes in the shoe pockets behind her bedroom door
Washes her hands & face
Washes her body during bath time (she has her own Loofah now)
Feeds the cat and gives her fresh water
Gets in/out of her car seat on her own (we just tighten it up for her as she can't reach the strap)
Can count to 20 (missing 13, 14 at times) and recognize all numbers from 0-9
Recognizes almost all her ABC's
Can write her name correctly about 90% of the time
Can use scissors and cut along pre-drawn lines

It's unfortunate that her big birthday bash had to be canceled; however, we're having a family party here at home like we do every year (Gran flies into town and this year, Aunt Jenny is joining her) and we're certain she'll have a very special day.

Party pics to come!


  1. What a fun age. I've noticed in your recent pictures that she's started to look a little more mature, like a big girl! Her face is changing. She has grown so much and in so many ways. I can tell how proud you are.

    And, have a great anniversary trip :)

  2. Happy birthday Emily!! She sounds like an amazing little girl with an equally amazing mom :)

  3. awww..Happy birthday to your beautiful girl...!! What a joy it is to realize our babies are already grown, and they're such unique and special individual.. Cherish every single day, because every single one brings a litttle bit of magic and looads of memories.


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