Las Vegas or Bust!

Vegas was so much fun last year, we decided to return for 6 days and 5 nights to celebrate our 5th anniversary this year!

We stayed at The Mirage again this year because of it's location, restaurants, comfortable rooms, service, and value and they again exceeded our expectations with a free upgrade to one of their tower suites with a great view of The Strip.

We also saw two Cirque Du Soleil Shows: "O" and "Viva, Elvis", which were both incredible and I highly recommend them to you should you like Cirque's style.

Because we explored nearly all the free attractions last year, we spent the majority of our time during the day shopping, gambling, and at paid attractions including: The Titanic Exhibit at The Luxor hotel (no cameras were allowed).  Feeling quite out of shape, we avoided the pools this year completely and I can honestly say neither of us missed it!

Something new we discovered was the bus lines Vegas now offers.  The Duece stops at every single hotel along the strip, comes every 12-15 minutes, and costs only $7 for a 24 hour pass with unlimited on/offs.  This saved our feet as well as ourselves from the heat (nearly 100 degrees every day!).

We ate at all our favorite restaurants including Seredipity 3, Mon Ami Gabi, Maggiano's, BLT Burger, and Diego, to name just a few and took part in La Salsa's top shelf yard margaritas.  We slept in every single day, enjoyed long, leisurely brunches and afternoon naps, watched movies uninterrupted, and got to actually talk to one another!  It was an amazing vacation and we are already planning to come to Vegas again next year!


  1. What great pictures of the 2 of you. ANd that hotel room looks might nice...

  2. I'm so glad you guys had such a good time! I love Vegas so much, sometimes I feel like I should write a book about it! When I know people are going I send them the "be sure to check out...and don't forget to tickets for shows here...

    I think that the Vegas Chamber of Commerce should really look into hiring me.

    The last time we went was October of last year (husband's birthday is Halloween *ahem*). We NEEEED to go back badly, but we also neeeeed to find the time!

    Looking at your pictures brought me back though! Thanks for that :)

  3. Looks like a great trip!


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