Thursday Thirteen

With the last day of summer just behind us and fall on the horizon (once The Bay Area is finally rid of this heat wave!), I'm reminded of how much I love the cooler weather and all the upcoming holidays.

Thirteen things I love about fall:

1. Spending the first weekend in October decorating our house/yard for Halloween
2. The sun going down earlier
3. Rainboots & umbrellas and splashing in puddles with Emily
4. Trick-or-Treating and our annual Halloween party
5. Wearing sweaters and coats
6. The much cooler weather
7. Changing my home decor to a darker color pallet
8. Williams-Sonoma two weeks before Thanksgiving
9. Brining a turkey
10. Thanksgiving: the day to be thankful for all that we have
11. Black Friday for early Christmas shopping
12. Wrapping gifts
13. Booking our flights back home to Texas for our 3-week Christmas vacation


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