Wall-E: Emily's 4th Birthday Party

It's no secret we are a Pixar Family: David works at Pixar and all three of us love every film they've ever made so, it's really no surprise that when asked, Emily chose a Wall-E theme for her 4th birthday party.

I found THE cutest, printed on recycled paper, do-it-yourself invitations at Paper-Source and mailed them to 25 of Emily's (and our!) closest friends; lined up a 2-hour window at Bay Island Gymnastics where Emily's been taking classes for over a year, complete with bounce house, giant swing, trampolines and foam pit; ordered the perfect sugar sheet and 2D candy toppers from The Party Works to make Emily's cake again this year (carrot cake with cream cheese frosting); placed an order for silver star-shaped balloons; and came up with the idea to make "dirt cups" (chocolate pudding, topped with crumbled Oreo's) with a candy plant coming up out of them as party favors. 

However, the party never occurred.

Bay Island Gymnastics had some freak miscommunication between the Party Correspondent and the Office Manager and a Gymnastics Meet was scheduled the entire weekend of Emily's party.  The worst part: they didn't discover their mistake until the week before Emily's party and, by that time, the weekends before and after were already booked with other parties.  Ugh.  

After being extremely pissed off for three days, I finally convinced myself that Emily is only 4 years old and, because she hadn't really known about the party at that point, she wouldn't really know it was canceled.  Also, I knew that with her Aunt Jenny and her Gran here to celebrate family style, as we do every year, her birthday would be perfect.

And it was!

Aunt Jenny and Gran helped me decorate our dining room and bake & decorate the cake, and we even had some friends stop by with gifts!  We ate, we drank, and Emily opened presents for about 2 hours.

Thank you to everyone who helped make Emily's 4th birthday a wonderful memory we'll cherish forever!


  1. It sounds like you made the best of things, and most importantly Emily had a great birthday and never knew any different. And the cake is impressive! I NEED to learn how to decorate a cake.

  2. bummer about the party.. but you ended up having a beautiful time.. . Kudos on that awesome cake!!


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