5 weeks: Weird cravings... so early on!

Last week, for about 3 days, I was so queasy, nothing sounded appetizing.  I was taking one bite and spitting it out, partially chewed.  So far, oranges and string cheese are big fat no-go!

When that finally ended, nothing sounded appetizing for a different reason: Cheesesteaks and Dr. Pepper occupied my every thought.  I was even dreaming about them and watching the clock for my next meal. 

Luckily, there is a Cheesesteak Shop a few blocks away and my husband is always accommodating.  :)

I've had a Cheesesteak with extra provolone and BBQ sauce, curly fries, and a large Dr. Pepper for dinner three times now.  I might end up being the size of a house... and I'm really OK with it!


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