First OB appointment and ultrasound: 8 weeks 5 days

This afternoon, I had my first OB appointment for this pregnancy.

Everything went perfectly and I'm just so relieved!

With Emily, I was sort of going through the motions of being pregnant, wearing rose-colored glasses.  With no friends nor family pregnant or recently having become parents to pass down their wisdom (and to tell me the God-awful truths no book has ever been written about!), could you blame me?
 I knew nothing of morning sickness nor miscarriage, nothing of all the things that can and do go wrong, blissfully ignorant and anxious for the day I'd hold Emily in my arms.  And my pregnancy with Emily was truly uneventful, dare I say easy.

This time around, I know of just about everything that can and does go wrong.  I have unfortunately been the support for friends & family who've experienced loss and I swear, all I have been thinking of the past 8 weeks was just that.  Once I found out I would be having an ultrasound at this appointment, I began counting the days and then, the hours until the moment my OB found our gummy bear on her black and white screen and reported a strong, healthy, perfect baby with a beating heart.  I was finally able to breath and relax and focus once again on the journey of adding to our family.  My mom was in town and David was able to take time off work and with their help, we brought Emily along so we could all see the baby for the first time together, as a family.  It was our introduction of Emily to the baby and she seemed... OK with it.  Not overly enthusiastic, not angry or upset in any way.  She was laughing about "how gross" it all was though I'm not sure exactly what she thought was gross.  ha  :)

Baby is measuring 8 weeks 5 days which is exactly how far along I thought I was and my estimated due date is June 5, 2011.  I haven't gained any weight (yet) but the bloating is out of control and I'm 100% in maternity clothes, which I actually LOVE (I'm all about lounging comfort)!

I have an information/paper work appointment in two weeks and another appointment two weeks after that (my monthly, routine OB appointments).


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