Tuesday Toddler Tales

Emily's really "in" to Halloween this year, talking non-stop about hanging up our spooky spider on the outside of our house and what she wants to dress up as.  Last year, she was a Lil Devil (and was just too cute!).

It seems she changes her mind about the costume she wants every time you ask her, which is why I have yet to purchase a costume!  :)

Some of her ideas include:
1. a lady bug
2. a butterfly
3. an inchworm
4. a Police Man
5. a bumble bee
6. a race car
7. a Ninja

I think we'll wait a few more weeks before shelling out the dough for one of these.

What is your little one's costume of choice this year?


  1. Tyler is going to be a 49er football player. Its already decided because my husband and I made the call. Ha. We're pretty sure he doesn't know what Halloween is and I doubt he remembers trick-or-treating last year (when he was not even 18 months), dressed up as a pickle. So the 49er costume is easy, cute, inexpensive, and comfortable. Winner!

  2. Owen is being a pirate with a hook and his baby brother Caleb is the crocodile who ate his hand ($5 at a garage sale!!). I find when Owen is waffling about his costume, just going out to look at costumes helps. When he sees that some costumes aren't what he pictured, he quickly picks one and once it's at home for him to stare at 24/7 he forgets there ever were other options and just stays excited about the one that's in the house. Owen's really excited this year too - I think a lot because of his first preschool party!

  3. from a lady bug to a ninja...what a well rounded gal =)


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