Tuesday Toddler Tales

Emily has started eating off our plates (breakfast, lunch and dinner!), even if we are eating the exact same meal.

She's curious and we're thrilled as we'd love to open up her limited repertoire of foods.  I have fantasies that one day my child will eat soup, salad, and enchiladas!

Last week, she got a cornbread muffin and begged for cornbread for three days after!  She also really liked my garlicky mashed cauliflower and Turkey Goulash.  Yea!

Anyone else (still) have a picky eater on their hands?


  1. His pickiness comes and goes. One week he likes something then 2 weeks later he hates it. I would like to give you the award "A Blog with Substance". Stop by my blog to get it.

  2. Celia is a picky eater for sure, and hardly eats anything half the time. Hopefully she will grow out of it before too long!

  3. KRH hit the nail on the head. With Izzy it comes and goes. I was thrilled when she was about 2 and 3 and it seemed like I had an adventurous eater on my hands! She would try and eat just about anything. Well, what I didn't understand is that she just hadn't really developed preferences yet. So, while I still wouldn't call her a picky eater she definitely has an idea of what she will and won't eat. For example, she doesn't like spicy food (but not many kids do). But she is a very hearty eater and enjoys her fruits and veggies and lean protein so I don't have too much too complain about.

  4. My picky eater tries food more easily if he helps me cook it. And, even if he won't eat it, I still keep giving it to him. He finally ate broccoli last week after putting it on his plate for the past year probably!


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