10 weeks: I'm back!

The 2nd trimester energy boost came early... thank the Lord!!!

I woke up feeling like ME today and I could not be more thankful.  I actually went a little crazy with all my new-found energy.

After dropping Emily off at Preschool I:
  • Did the grocery shopping
  • Ran to Costco to stock up
  • Unloaded all my purchases and cleaned the entire kitchen (I noticed a film of nastiness building up, gross), including the inside of the fridge and oven
  • Made myself lunch and packed Emily a lunch
Then, after picking Emily up, I took her to the park for lunch and to play.  We haven't been to the park in months, she was over the moon!

Once we got home and Emily was happy in front of Toy Story 3, I cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom, made dinner and then, made two more meals to take to a friend who just had a new baby.  I bathed Emily, got her into bed, and even read her three books (she's only been getting one... a short one at night).

I wasn't even exhausted when I got into bed at 9:45pm!


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