13 weeks: Good-bye, first trimester!

13 weeks, 1 day

Gummy Whale and I have made it through the first trimester, I can't believe how quickly it's gone by!

I was noticeably more tired last week, most likely due to all the Thanksgiving preparations and Emily being ill.  This week, I don't tire as easily and have the get-up-and-go to get more things accomplished like going to get Emily her very first Christmas tree this afternoon!  We always do Christmas in Texas but decided to do our own tree this year to cut down on all the gifts we have to ship home.

My bump is a wee bit bigger this week but because of all the layers I'm wearing due to the colder weather, not many people know that I haven't come out and told.  Emily notices though, telling me that I was "plump" while she is "straight" (her word for "thin") this weekend.  ha!  Speaking of Emily, she's being awfully cute and attentive to the baby, wanting to kiss it by kissing my belly every night; picking out things for the baby every time we are in Target; and even suggesting we put the baby's crib in her room so she could sleep with the baby.  Her only request thus far is to not let the baby poop on her stuff.  :)

I'm still feeling really great, sleeping well, and am enjoying all foods.  I'm hoping now that Thanksgiving has settled down I can get back into the gym for some much-needed exercise!


  1. I like Emily's totally valid request. I too have that request with every baby I sit for :) So far we are all on the same page, LOL

  2. The use of "plump" and "straight" cracked me up! Glad you're doing well :)

  3. Congrats on entering the 2nd Trimester! Your bump is cute!


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