6 weeks: Sinus Infection

Feeling run-down, down-right exhausted is completely normal, expected, in the first trimester and boy, am I feeling it!

To top it off, I have a sinus infection that has me congested, coughing all day & night, suffering through headaches 24/7, and a low-grade fever.  Anyone who's been pregnant knows there isn't much you can do... it's a lot like treating your young children!  You can take hot, steamy showers, rub Vick's on your chest and inside your nostrils, wear Breath-Right Strips, stay hydrated and get plenty of rest.  As an adult, you can also take Sudafed (which doesn't help me a lick!) and use non-medicated nasal sprays (which is like swallowing the ocean, blah!).

It's been 5 days and I'm over it...


  1. Not sure if you need it any more, but if you have any other sinus issues, try a Neti Pot. They are strange and sound super disgusting, but I promise you it's not bad once you try it and it will help you immensely!


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