7 weeks: Maternity clothes... already?!?

Wow.  Hardly anything I have fits... and not just around my belly, my boobs are HUGE!

I had heard from friends over the years that they showed much earlier with their second child and now I'm experiencing it for myself.  I had to go out and purchase maternity clothes today just so I could show my face at Emily's preschool!

Target had a great selection (Liz Lange) of soft, jersey knit, wide-leg pants for only $14.99 (I bought black to further help hide) plus some short-sleeve t-shirts and cashmere sweaters that were just loose enough to be comfortable but still fitted to have shape and not totally give away my secret.  :)  My hoodies and my pink puffy vest have been my best friend here lately with the cooler weather, helping to hide my secret for a few more weeks.  I also picked up two pairs of corduroy pants from A Pea in the Pod, which fit great and are the perfect length to wear with the sneakers I already own (I hate having to hem pants!); however, they are full panel and I don't have the belly to hold them up just yet.  I suspect I'll be in them by Christmas at the rate I'm going.

It's a bummer that all my maternity clothes from 5 years ago are shorts/skirts and sleeveless shirts as I was pregnant with Emily through the summer in Texas.  There are a few things I'll be able to use, wearing a cardigan over, later this Spring when I'm big enough to fill them out, which is nice, but most of the things I have saved all these years aren't usable.  I'm going to donate them to an organization that needs them as they are in great shape (thanks, Spacebags!).

I'm finally starting to get over all this extra mucus and the congestion.  I feel alive again the past two days though the runny nose is out of control.  I know David is happy to have me "back" as he's been carrying nearly the entire load for weeks.

I don't feel as though I'm running on empty every second of the day anymore either, although, I am still in bed by 9:30pm every night (I am needing 10-11 hours of sleep these days) and asleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow.  I'm also sleeping really deeply, only waking up to use the bathroom (two to three times a night!!), which is a nice change from my normal, anxiety-ridden, tossing & turning nights.  My boobs hurt most at night, they are heavy just hanging there and are tender when I attempt to sleep on my stomach.  Oh!  And I'm busting out of my bras already.  Great.  No more low-cut shirts for me, don't want to come across inappropriate at Preschool.  :)


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