8 Weeks: Bad skin, great nails!

Oh, the breakouts, dry spots and super oily patches.

I forgot about the skin changes that come with pregnancy and I'm really not happy about it thus far, I look like a teenager going through puberty.  No amount of washing nor moisturizing is bringing me any relief!  Even when I try to cover it with make-up, I end up with that shiny, caked-on look because my face is also super oily in spots.  Ugh.

The upside is the hair and nail changes!

My nails are already long enough to need cutting (and for those who don't know me, I'm a nail-bitter/nail-picker and, other than when I was pregnant with Emily, I've never had a manicure!) and are super thick & strong.  My hair is really soft and shiny, too.

So far, this pregnancy is almost identical to when I was pregnant with Emily.   :)


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