9 Weeks: Pure exhaustion

I started noticing that I was more tired near the end of the day this time last week but that was nothing like the wall I feel I have hit the past 3 days... I am beyond exhausted.  It's almost like an out-of-body experience where my head & heart want to go and do but have zero control over my body.

I can barely get off the couch!  I am sleeping 12 hours at night and laying down on the couch for 3-4 hours every afternoon (If I let myself, I could fall asleep!) and still, my energy-level is 0.  I haven't cleaned a thing nor cooked a meal, poor Emily has eaten cereal and sandwiches every day, and I've completely neglected my family, friends, and this blog!

It's just so strange to feel so week... I didn't experience anything like this with Emily.  In fact, I was still working through a year-end Audit, nearly 100 hours a week during this time in my pregnancy with Emily! 

Come on 2nd trimester energy boost!!!


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