Appointment: 10 weeks 5 days

Today was what my OB Practice calls my "Informational" appointment and it went great, although 90% of it was oldhat.  :)

As always, I gave a urine sample and got weighed (I am down 3lbs... it's all the bloat finally subsiding!).

My OB walked me through all the dos and don'ts of pregnancy including the categories of exercise, food/drink, medications, and travel.  She asked me if I had any questions or concerns and if we were interested in the first trimester screenings, which we are still on the fence about.  We didn't do any screenings with Emily as we both wanted to blissfully (albeit, somewhat ignorantly) enjoy the pregnancy and we knew we could handle whatever the outcome. 

Then, I got to hear the baby's heartbeat with the Doppler.  Strong, clear, perfect!  I'm only sad David wasn't there to hear it with me.

Before leaving, I got my flu shot and a reprint of my first ultrasound that perfectly shows our little "gummy whale" as Emily calls the baby to put in this baby's baby book.  :)


  1. It's always so nice to hear that little heartbeat! We didn't do the screenings with my first pregnancy either. We decided the odds were so slim and that we would love the baby the same no matter what, so why go through the stress of a screening that isn't even always accurate? Glad you're feeling good now!


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