Four year well-check: HORRIFIC!!!

Today was Emily's 4 year well-child exam...

By far THE WORST well-child exam to date was this 4 year check:
* She had a Hearing test, which freaked her out to the point that she refused to participate;
* Then, an eye exam, which made her feel like a failure and had "broken eyes" (she got a few of the shapes wrong and really took it hard);
* 4 (yes, FOUR!!!) individual shots; and
* Plus the Flu-mist nasal spray, which made her choke. 

Our Pediatrician did say that she did just perfect on the eye exam and hearing test and, on a positive note, she's 41" tall and 34.6lbs: tall and thin!


  1. Oh no- wow, four individual shots is a lot! Poor thing.

  2. OMG I could have writen this post too!! Rodri refused, with high pitch screams, to do the hearing test .. it was horrible.. The eye exam was another bust and even though we got only 3 shots, the Flu mist made him choke and scream as well... My also tall and thin boy (41", 35.6lbs) will retry the hearing/eye test in two weeks again.. getting myself ready for the drama again!!


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