Tuesday Toddler Tales

Preschool has been so great for Emily, she's has grown by leaps and bounds, but boy, is it hard on me (and David) at times; the Teacher feedback, that is.

This afternoon, we had a Parent/Teacher Conference with Emily's Teacher and it was, by far, the hardest thing I've had to endure as a parent thus far.


I don't know many people who accept criticism, regardless of the fact that it's mainly constructive, of their child easily.
  • Does anyone NOT get that immediate surge to negate what's being said entirely and pull out those razor sharp mama bear claws in defense?

  • Does anyone NOT get that lump in the back of their throat?  You know the one, it makes you want to vomit and cry at the same time.

  • Does anyone NOT take it personally, feeling as if their child is "bad" and though they've failed as a parent?

Emily is actually doing great in school and their feedback was mostly positive; however it was difficult to digest their suggestions for how to make Emily's Preschool experience the best it can be.  Parenting never seems to get easier...


    1. Awww, that does sound rough. We've got a couple years to go and I'm not looking forward to the "constructive criticism" part. Hang in there! It sounds like you're raising a wonderful little girl.


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