15 weeks

15 weeks

Gummy Whale and I are closing in quick to the end of my fourth month and feeling great!  So great that I have been walking back and forth to Christmas Tree Lane with Emily every night to see the amazing Holiday lights and displays, totalling about an hour.  No wonder I keep losing weight rather than gaining!  ;)  I'm just glad I have so much energy and feel so "normal", considering what a lot of pregnant women experience.

Something that has come to my attention recently (after eating my Chicken with 40+ cloves of garlic last night and found myself LICKING my plate!) is that I really crave more salty, savory things with this pregnancy.  Gravy, roasted garlic, buttermilk biscuits, ham, salted tator tots, Cheesesteak sandwiches, to name a few.  Doesn't really surprise me as I craved Sonic's tator tots with cheese while pregnant with Emily and this pregnancy truly mirrors that one in nearly every way!

Something really cute that happened this week with Emily was while we were at The Optometrist's office getting our annual eye exams.  They have a child's room for kids to stay occupied in and while David was having his exam, Emily and I were playing doctor.  She used the Stethoscope to listen to my stomach saying; "Yep, there's a baby in your tummy and the heart goes 'thump, thump, thump'".  :) 


  1. Glad you're feeling so good. It seems like Emily's at such a great age to become a big sister. She really understands what's happening and will love to help you with everything!


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