16 weeks

And this baby is on the move!!

Slight little pokes, flutters, a slightly nauseous rolling sensation are all things I feel sporadically 24/7 the past couple of days.  Really neat, although startling at first.  I actually wasn't sure what I was feeling on Tuesday was the baby (easily confused with gas and just normal digestive functions) but by Thursday I was certain!

When I described it to Emily she put but hands on my tummy and said; "when can I feel the kick, kick, kick?".  :)  I told her it would be a little while longer but she would be the first person I told!

We are in Texas with family the next three weeks so, excuse the bathroom photos.

I have fairly high energy and can eat anything; I am not having any aversions or cravings (other than wanting to eat all the smoked BBQ meats and TexMex I can get my hands on, but that happens every year we are in Austin ;) ).  I've noticed my eyes are dryer than normal, I have a lot of extra mucus, especially at night, and my nails are growing at rapid speed.  I'm also a little uncomfortable at night, feeling best when I have a pillow between my knees, and my arms/shoulders fall asleep often so, I'm tossing and turning a bit.  Oh, and the dreams... detailed, sometimes scary, very real feeling dreams! 


  1. You look so cute! At least, from what I can see of you there- haha. How exciting that you can feel the baby moving now!

  2. I remember that, too. For about three days I thought I had gas; then I realized it was the baby. You look great. Beautiful, beautiful belly! :) Enjoy your visit with family...

  3. Yay, so excited for you that you are enjoying another pregnancy - Merry Christmas!!

  4. Your bump is so cute! I just started feeling the baby move recently also, I've now become obsessed with it and freak out if I don't feel it for a few hours. Oh the things we obsess over while pregnant. Haha. I am right there with ya on the sleeping with a pillow between my knees at night. I've had the worst pelvic bone pains this time and so early. I remember that feeling from last time but not till much later. Anyway, enjoy your meats and texmex in Austin. My MIL lives there and I love all the yummy foods. You must go find the cupcake lady that operates from an airstream trailor. They squirt heavenly cream of some sort into the middle of the cupcake and then top it with pretty pink icing. Oh lord, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Merry Christmas!


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