Appointment: 14 weeks 5 days

David and I went to my 4th month appointment this morning and everything is progressing exactly as it should.

My blood pressure was completely normal and I have had no weight gain since last month, meaning I'm still at a 3lb loss.  My Ob/Gyn won't start measuring my fundus height (how my uterus is growing) until next month.

We found the heartbeat immediately and it was loud and steady at 160bpm.

I also got my Tdap vaccine (includes Whooping Cough), which was not pleasant (it stings!!!) and my order form for my yearly mammogram and breast MRI.  Both are safe during pregnancy but not post-pardem while breastfeeding.

We agreed not to do any of the first trimester screenings so, our next milestone is our 20 week anatomy scan ultrasound to determine the baby's gender, which is going to be scheduled for the second or third week in January, once we are home from our Christmas vacation.  David is 100% confident this baby is a boy, based on a "feeling", I'm not certain.  :)


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