12 in 2011: Book 3

I absolutely LOVED The Nanny Diaries so, I was beyond stoked to see they had written a sequal: Nanny Returns.

However, I have to say that I was actually quite lost on the storyline for the first 5 chapters as it has been so many years since the first book.  I actually had to go online for a book review & synopsis of The Nanny Diaries so that I could refresh my mind of the characters and my original feelings for them.  Once I was up-to-speed, I found the book to be such a creative follow-up.  The boys Nan had taken care of all those years ago seamlessly and realistically dropped back into her life and I found her initial curiosity of their well-being as well as her hesitation when they asked for her help to be an almost welcome surprise. 

I fell in-love most with the fact that although she was treated despicably by Mr. and Mrs. X and had left that family securely in her past, her genuine love for the boys had not faltered; she was willing to go against her better judgement to see to their needs, even now as her own life had taken off and was quite full.


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