19 Weeks

Almost half-way through this pregnancy and I'm a little sad at how quickly it's gone by.

Baby is about the size of a mango and moving non-stop, poking me hard enough at times I've seen my stomach move!  David and Emily have yet to feel the baby for themselves... timing is everything right now.

My stomach is really hard and round below and right at my belly button, making it downright painful to sleep on it at night, which I still tend to do from time to time.  It's so hard to break a life-long habit.  And I have Braxton-Hicks contractions throughout the day.  I have noticed that they are most strong when I'm very active or sedentary for extended periods of time.  As soon as I either lie down or get up and move around, they cease.  I'm not suffering from leg cramps nor indigestion/heartburn (yet!), no swelling to report, no food aversions or cravings, no back pain, and I have a great deal of energy.

I do have allergies right now, which when combined with all the extra mucus from the pregnancy, can be miserable at times.  My lips are also constantly chapped and my eyes are dry at the end of the day.

Some great news: three of my very good girlfriends are pregnant, too, due a few weeks before or after me, congratulations, you know who you are!!!  :)  I'm so thrilled to be going through this with you and hope you all are feeling well!


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