21 weeks

At 21 weeks, baby is approximately the size of a banana and my uterus has grown up above my belly button by about an inch or so.  Definitely looks that way in that photo, huh?

I have been feeling really great with a great appetite and loads of energy, which I am taking advantage of here lately, volunteering more at Emily's Preschool, cleaning out my "to be filed" stack (finally!), and beginning to build plans for a nursery.  I'm also taking Emily on more trips to the Aquarium and the park to have playdates with friends and my house is starting to look clean again!  No edema (swelling), no stretch marks or itchy skin, and no back pain thus far.  I haven't had any heartburn or leg cramps as of late either.  My belly button is still an "innie" but flattening out.

Speaking of Emily, she is truly over-the-moon about this baby.  On a daily basis she will tell anyone who will listen that; "my mommy has a baby in her tummy, it's a girl, her name is Alex".  ha!  No clue where she gets this stuff but I can say she's quite adamant.  She often scolds me if she thinks I'm squishing the baby (I stretch in the living room most afternoons) and hugs me often saying; "I love your baby".  We could not be happier about her reception of this baby thus far and are continuing to pray that her enthusiasm lasts. 


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