Appointment: 20 weeks 5 days

Because my blood pressure was a bit high at my previous appointments, my Ob/Gyn ordered some additional blood work and wanted to see me two weeks later, which was today.

All my tests came back perfect so, the explanation for the brief spike is that I'm a bit anxious/excited before each appointment (normal) and I should lay down in the exam room, in the dark, and relax a bit before the nurse takes my vitals.  We tried it today and my blood pressure came back low, perfect.  Yea!  :)

January is also the month I have my annual pap and breast exam (skipped the pap this year) so, this was a dual appointment and everything checked out clean.  I received my order for my annual MRI and Mammogram, which are safe while pregnant, NOT while nursing so, it's important I have them both done early this year while pregnant.  I normally have my MRI in May and Mammogram in November. 

I was also weighed at this appointment and I did manage to gain one pound in the past two weeks, which will keep my Ob/Gyn off my back a wee bit longer.  :)  I'm at a total weight loss of -1lbs to date and my next appointment is in my 24th week.  Between now and then, I have my Anatomy Scan/Ultrasound on Thursday and cannot wait to hear if this baby is a boy or a girl!!!


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