Kindergarten Information Night

AUSD had their Kindergarten Information Night tonight, David & I got a sitter so we could attend (kids were not allowed) and it was really great!

We were both excited to meet the Principal, the three Kindergarten teachers, and to see part of the school but most of all we were somewhat relieved to have on paper what to expect of Kindergarten.  It actually put a lot of our concerns to rest regarding whether Emily is ready or not.

Just a few examples of what they expect Emily to be able to do:
  • Sort items by type, size, color, shape, texture
  • Count up to 20 and identify how many of an object there are
  • Recognize the alphabet and her name in print, hold a Crayon/pencil properly, write her name on her work
  • Sit up to 20 minutes at a time for work and story time
  • Follow directions, wait in line, raise her hand for a turn
  • Take care of all her bathroom needs
  • Get her jacket and shoes on/off (for Motorfitness class and recess)
  • Use scissors correctly
  • Clearly communicate her needs and feelings
There were two pages of basic requirements but they were all basically about the ones I listed above.

Here in CA the cutoff to enroll in Kindergarten is still December 2nd so, Emily can attend this 2011/2012 school year.  But is she ready?!?  We are fairly confident she is ready based off the Kindergarten packet of basic requirements and decided to go ahead and enroll her and just re-evaluate her readiness in August.  With the baby arriving and us possibly moving, we don't want Emily to be too overwhelmed with a new school, new teacher and new friends, whole new routine ontop of that.

David & I have a school tour this month and then, I have a half-hour interview with Emily and the Kindergarten teachers in late April.


  1. Wow, kindergarten planning already? That's so exciting! Sounds like you guys have a lot of changes coming in the next year.

  2. This is good to know - thanks for sharing. The preschool/kindergarten process seems so daunting... ugh! No doubt Emily will really excel!


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