Meal Planning: 1/31 - 2/5

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Sales plus in-circular (weekly ad) coupons brought me some excellent savings on dairy products we consume daily including yogurt and milk.  Because the expiration dates were past next Sunday when I would shop again, I stocked up for two weeks worth (up to the expiration dates).  I also purchased more eggs than I actually needed because the expiration dates were far enough out to lapse next week and the $1.99 was too good to pass up.  Guess I'll be making breakfast every day, baking a bit, and maybe even having breakfast for dinner instead of leftovers one night this week.   :)

Nob Hill $112.87
[Budget $150.00]
(5) Cottage doubles
Mario Battali marinara sauce
Sun-dried tomatoes
Green & red seedless grapes (on sale $1.99/lb)
Organic Minneolas (on sale $0.99/lb)
Organic fuji apples (on sale $0.77/lb)
Russett potatoes (on sale $0.79/lb)
Organic frozen green beans (on sale 2@$5)
(3) Bertolli frozen Italian meals (on sale $5.99 plus $1 off coupon, limit 3)
Shredded parmesan cheese
(12) Stoneyfield Organic yogurt (on sale $0.58 each, don't expire until March)
Organic celery
Organic romaine heart
Baby carrots
Fresh thyme
Red bell pepper (on sale $0.99 each)
Raw almonds
(2) Fat free milk (only $2.49 when you buy 2, don't expire until Feb 28th)
Organic frozen flaxseed waffles
(2) String cheese (on sale $3.99 plus $2 off coupon, limit 2)
(2) Danonino yogurt
Brats (on sale $3.99)
93% ground beef (on sale $3.99/lb)
Deli ham
Sandwich bread
French rolls
(2) 18ct. eggs (on sale $3.99 plus $2 coupon, limit 2)

Weekly Meal Plan
Meatloaf with mashed potatoes
Chili with cornbread
Chicken parmesan with salad
Leftovers/breakfast for dinner
Grilled chicken Ceasar salad
Home-made pizzas with pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and grilled chicken

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