12 in 2011: Book 4

Mothers & Other Liars was a recommendation from my own mother, who reads books recommended to her by a girlfriend who's in an official book club. This friend of hers said that this book was the best book they had read to-date and my mother told me this was the best book she had read to-date so, how could I not read it?!?

I have to tell you, the title threw me for a loop: my expectations of the book's content were grossly off base and happily so!  This book was not about lying, despicable, loveless, cold, distant, untrustworthy mothers, as I had built it up in my head based on the title; this book was about the lies, the great lengths, a mother will go to in order to protect her child... even a child not biologically hers.  And the harsh, unfair consequences we can suffer when choosing to do the most difficult thing, the right thing, because it's what is best for our child, not ourselves.

This book is the best book I have read to-date!


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