Appointment: 24 weeks 5 days

Today was my sixth month appointment (can't believe I am moving into my sixth month already) and things are progressing perfectly.

It was such a treat to have Emily and my mom come along (no school for Emily in honor of President's Day four-day weekend) and Emily actually got to put the wand on my stomach and search for the baby's heartbeat, which she found immediately.  His heart was strong and louder than even last month!  I completely forgot to ask how many bpm but my Ob/Gyn said it was "perfect" so, that's good enough for me.

I've gained 3lbs in the last four weeks since my previous appointment, putting me at a net weight GAIN (finally!!!) of 2lbs total. 

As far as paperwork goes, I was given my order and instructions for my Glucose testing, that I need to do between my 26th and 28th week at my local LabCorp.  I failed my one-hour Glucose test with Emily and had to take the dreaded three-hour, wish me luck I pass this time around!

Oh! As I was leaving and my mom was talking about her plans to be here to help with Emily when this baby arrives, my Ob/Gyn heard me say my EDD as I knew it to be: June 5th and commented that they had it down as June 8th, based on the measurements from my first ultrasound. Because my periods had been irregular for about six months and I honestly didn't remember my LMP, they are going off that ultrasound.  It's only three days and neither she nor I care so, I'm leaving it at June 5th for purposes of documenting here on my blog.  :)

My next appointment is at 28 weeks 5 days, on March 18th.


  1. Congrats again. Im excited to see pictures!! Youre almost there! I'm so glad to hear everything is good and your daughter is involved. My daughter is having a hard time and had a harder time adjusting to her baby brother. It's hard with jealousy issues. blah. But anyways, Almost 30 weeks. Yeeeee. I'm so excited for you.

  2. Good luck with your sugar test! I've got the orange drink currently chilling in my fridge waiting for mine too.


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