Meal Planning: 2/20 thru 2/25

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So, it was pouring down rain last week every single day so, we were not able to grill the honey-ginger pork tenderloin (we ordered pizza) and with my mom in-town, we ate out for dinner one night, and we ended up not making the BBQ shredded chicken over baked potatoes.  We'll have both these meals this week.  As such, my grocery list was minimal, mainly consisting of fresh produce, dairy products, and bread for the week.

Safeway: $96.02
[Budget: $150.00]
Fat-free milk
4lbs 93% lean ground beef (on sale $2.99/lb)
Frozen Grands biscuits ($2.00off coupon)
Butter (on sale $2.99 plus $1.00off coupon)
Velveeta ($2.00off coupon)
Grapes (on sale $0.99/lb)
Organic strawberries (on sale $4.99)
Organic apples (on sale $1.99/lb)
Oranges (on sale $0.99/lb)
Potatoes (on sale $0.77/lb)
Brussels sprouts
Organic tomatoes
Cereal (on sale $1.99)
Sour cream
Fontina cheese
Babybel cheese (on sale $2.99)
Tomato soup
Tuna (on sale $0.25) - a special treat for the cat
Blue cheese vinaigrette (on sale $2.99)
Organic pears (on sale $1.99)
18ct eggs (on sale $2.49)
Hoagie rolls
(3) Brownie bites with mini baking trays (on sale $2.99 plus $3.00off coupon when you buy 3 or more) - making these for the Preschool class in celebration of the Teacher's birthday
Wanchai ferry orange chicken kit (on sale $3.99)
Sandwich bread (on sale 2@$5)

Weekly Meal Plan
Goulash with roasted Brussels sprouts
Buffalo chicken sandwiches with tator tots
Sun-dried tomato pesto chicken calzones
Shredded chicken over baked potatoes & salad
Fontina burgers
Grilled honey-ginger pork tenderloin with mac 'n cheese & salad

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  1. Good job on the budget. You did good if you're still below your range! I'm really talking to my husband about "meal planning" and having a budget. But I'm really going to start the first of March being that Feb is almost over. argh. I'm really gonna start my meal plan. You have great ideas about meal planning. You're my fav to read because it's so easy and simple. I swear, you have to literally WRITE things down and raw a picture for me to realize what I'm really trying to do. Not good with instructions OR directions. So, you did great. Thank you.


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