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With our freezer stash of chicken nearly gone, I was thrilled to see the sale on boneless, skinless chicken breasts at Nob Hill this week (Safeway had them at full price: $5.99/lb).  Along with their sales on a lot of Organic produce and raw almonds (David's everyday snack at work), it was a no-brainer to shop with them.  Cooking Light magazine did a chicken overhaul in last month's issue that gave me a ton of ideas for stuffing chicken breasts so, I decided to take advantage of baby spinach being on sale for one night's meal, as well as sauteing it down with ground beef (from last week's purchases!) and making calzones again this week (David loved them!).  Although I have no meals planned this week using ground turkey this week, it was a great price to stock up on for future weeks.

Another bonus of shopping with Nob Hill: when you spend $50 you receive $0.10 off every gallon of gas (discount prints on your receipt and is good for 90 days); if you spend $100 you receive $0.25 off every gallon of gas.  I filled up my 16gallon tank after shopping today (my gas light was on!) and saved $4.  Very cool!

Nob Hill $107.11
[Budget $150.00]
Mini slider buns (on sale $0.99)
Baby spinach (on sale 2@$4)
Organic romaine hearts (on sale 2@$4)
Organic pink lady apples (on sale $0.99/lb)
Green onions (on sale 2@$1)
Organic blueberries (on sale 2@$5)
Organic cremini mushrooms (on sale 2@$5)
Organic pears
5lb bag russet potatoes (on sale $1.99)
Seedless grapes (on sale $1.77/lb)
(2) Fat-free milk (on sale $2.29 ea when you buy 2+) - expire March 11th
(2) Organic strawberries (on sale 2@$6)
2lbs raw almonds (on sale $4.99/lb)
(4) Cottage & fruit doubles
(8) Organic yogurt (on sale $0.47) - expire April 30th
12lbs boneless, skinless chicken breasts (on sale $1.97/lb)
(2) Free-range lean ground turkey (on sale $2.99ea)
Babybel cheese
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

Weekly Meal Plan
Sauteed chicken & mushrooms over mashed potatoes with a salad
Beef & spinach calzones
Chipotle & cheddar-stuffed sliders with tator tots
Bacon & goat cheese-stuffed chicken with a salad
Grilled honey-ginger pork tenderloin with mac 'n cheese & salad - no time to grill last week (had leftovers instead) so, we're having this meal this week
Orange chicken over rice

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  1. I am always so impressed at these posts! Not are you organized, and thrifty, but then you take photos of it all and document it on your blog. Amazing! (and helpful) :)

  2. Thanks, Lisa! I do it for me, I'm a results-driven person and an obsessed documenterr, but LOVE that others get so much out of it. :)


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