Tuesday Toddler Tales

Preschool is full of fascinating activities and people, it's only natural Emily would be curious about even the oddest, most random things, like the boy's urinal.  Yep, I said the boy's urinal.  Emily's Teacher has told me twice that she insists upon using the boy's bathroom throughout the day (totally not a problem); however, today, she tried to use the boy's urinal.

I have a vision in my mind and I can't help but laugh.  Can you imagine?!?  ha!

It's hard to explain, using the correct, age-appropriate language why boys use a urinal and girls don't although, after her failed attempt to use it herself today (she soaked herself), I don't think she'll want to try again nor care.


  1. Oh my gosh, that's so cute! The urinals must be such a mystery to her! I can't believe she tried to use one. She's probably been scouting them out all this time :)


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