27 weeks

Baby boy is about the size of an eggplant this week.  His lungs are continuing to develop and his previously closed nostrils are now open, allowing him to practice inhaling and exhaling.

I have no new symptoms or aches & pains to report though I definitely swell in my feet and my Braxton-Hicks contractions come on really strong if I am sitting or standing too long (after about 2 hours) so, I'm constantly changing positions, staying hydrated, still working out at the gym 3x each week, and I take about an hour every afternoon to lie down on my left side.  I have a pre-natal massage scheduled for next month and hope to get into the pool soon as our weather warms up.

I have my one-hour Glucose test scheduled for this week, though it's just at my local LabCorp, which doesn't require an appointment, I just have to find a good time to go.  I failed with Emily but passed the three-hour so, I'm prepared for the worst yet, expecting the best.  :)

This month I have pre-registered at the hospital (Alta Bates, where I delivered Emily) and filled out my Birth Plan. 


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