29 weeks

Baby boy is about the size of a small pumpkin, squash, or head of cabbage and weighs about 3lbs.  My uterus is becoming cramped and thus, his kicks, pokes, and jabs are being felt up near my ribs and down low on my hip bones.  His once smooth brain is taking on those characteristic grooves and indentations and his bone marrow has now taken over production of red blood cells (once created by tissue groups and the spleen).  Also, most of the lanugo - the soft, downy hair covering his body - has disappeared.

As for changes in my body, the only thing I've noticed is that my belly button is nearly completely flat and looks like it could pop out at any second.  It feels like an overfilled water balloon, about to pop! :)  I've also noticed that I'm actually carrying smaller than when I was pregnant with Emily at 29 weeks.  It's strange to me because I was showing so much earlier with this baby than I did with Emily and always felt so huge, but now not so much.  I'm having David dig up the bump pictures I took while pregnant with Emily so that I can post some comparisons for ya.

I don't have any food aversions or cravings, everything tastes great, especially milk, which doesn't surprise me because I loved milk while pregnant with Emily.

David, Emily and I can see my stomach moving when baby boy is moving and Emily's thinks it's "soooooo gross!".  ha!

No back pain, no stretch makes, no linea negra, and my wedding rings still fit perfectly.

The most fun we've had this week is washing all the baby gear David has been pulling down from the attic.  So far we have the bassinet set up in our bedroom and the pack 'n play set up in the living room, all ready to go.  I just have to keep Emily and the cat out of both!

Now that I've passed my Glucose screening, next up is appointments every two weeks and a tour of the Maternity wing over at Alta Bates hospital.  I delivered Emily there but I think we're due for a refresher course.


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