30 weeks

Only 10 weeks to go!!!

Baby boy is about the size of a large head of lettuce, approximately 18" long, and holding steady around 3lbs.  He's practicing pedaling, making faces, sucking (possible his thumb!), and has hiccups pretty regularly, which feel like quick flutters that make my whole belly shake.  He moves around throughout the day, still taking long stretches to sleep; I feel his feet rub on my left hip bone and his head and hands moving around and stretching up in my right ribs mostly. 

My uterus is about four inches above my belly button and is compressing my lungs, limiting their ability to fully expand and making a simple set of steps or a short walk feel like I've just run a marathon.  It's also getting harder to get comfortable at night: laying flat makes it harder to breath and I end up with that throw-uppy feeling even after just a drink of water so, I'm a tossing 'n turning wreck these days.  Boy, what I wouldn't do for a super comfy recliner to sleep in!  :)  I'm also pretty tired after a lot of activity and feel like I could sleep 12+ hours at night!  It's so weird how things like this can come out of nowhere; I felt fine just a few days ago!

My favorite thing these days: a foot massage from my husband every night!

David, Emily and I are making progress on getting ready for the baby and the nicer weather this past weekend helped to facilitate the process. 

David cleaned out the garage, giving us room to clean my glider & ottoman and take measurements to order replacement cushions and I spent some time at Carter's 50% off sale to stock up on a few Newborn one-piece outfits with mitten cuffs and 0-3mo. outfits, sleepers, onesies, and a stroller blanket. 


  1. You're getting closer! I remember that tossing and turning toward the end of pregnancy. You need the sleep but it's so hard to get sometimes.


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